Commercial Composting


It is easy to get started! We will meet with you to customize a plan that makes the transition smooth and efficient. Containers are put in place and a weekly pick up service is scheduled.

Adding a container designated for compostables is a small change that can make a big difference. When food goes into the landfill it rots and releases methane which is over 20x as potent as carbon dioxide at trapping heat. By sending food scraps to be composted, not only are you helping to reduce greenhouse gasses, you are insuring that the resources that went into making the food aren’t wasted but go back into the earth completing the sustainability cycle.

We look forward partnering with you to reach our goal of closing the loop of sustainability.

Residential Composting

How it works!

1 - Sign up for our subscription drop off service (here!)

2 - We deliver your compostable bags and a bucket to your home

3 - During the week collect your organic waste in the compostable bags we provide, you can freeze them or simply tie off the bag and pop it in your bucket.

4 - Use your card to access the kiosk and drop your bags in! 

Our first kiosk is located downtown Peoria, an email with the address will be sent to you when you sign up. We are excited to be able to offer this service but we haven't done this before so please give us feedback and suggestions so we can improve. Thank you for doing your part to make a Better Earth.

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