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Where are the Kiosks located?

Sous chef, 1311 SW Adams St, Peoria, IL 61602

Normandy Village, 1100 N Beech St, Normal, IL 61761

Connect Center, 1750 Washington Rd, Washington, IL 61571

Peoria Heights, 1201 E Seiberling Ave, Peoria Heights

Do you offer residential pick up?

No, our kiosk service is the most sustainable option for our community just now.

How much does a starter kit cost?


Where can I buy a starter kit?

Sous Chef or Washington Wellness for Peoria, Washington & Peoria Heights 

Ecology Action Center for B/N

Where can I purchase the finished compost?

Better Earth Compost and local nurseries

How can I request a Kiosk for my community?

We are currently working with Tazewell County Green Initiative, Peoria County Sustainability and Ecology Action Center-Bloomington/Normal. We plan on adding more to these areas so send us a message with the desired location. If your county is  not represented, please reach out to the sustainability department in your county first and let them know about the program so they know there is interest! 

How often can I use the Kiosk?

As much as you need. 

What do I do if I lose my card?

Purchase a new kit and let us know you have lost your card so we can deactivate it.

Can I compost tissues?


Can I compost plastic?


Do you accept compostable diapers?


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